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An Unforgettable
Book Launch

The Lotus Skyliners Book Launch took place on June 11, 2023 at the Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church and was a huge success. Early attendees started arriving as early as 2:00 pm for the 3:00 pm opening. Shortly after 3:00 pm, the gymnasium was already packed with people who were quickly lining up to purchase books. It turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for old friends to mingle and also to meet former Skyliners band members. Music was provided throughout the afternoon by the Pat and Rich2 Quartet and enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Photos courtesy of: John Pai Production Audio & Image;

Vic Kihara and Dennis Tsuboi kicked off the event by welcoming everyone and introducing the former Lotus Skyliners, author Randy Tada, creative writer Kay Hirai, and other VIPs in attendance. Later in the program, Randy, Kay, and Janet Baba spoke about how the book originated and came to fruition after three long years.


More than 150 people attended the book signing and the entire first run of 300 books was sold out by the end of the afternoon. Everyone agreed that it was a welcome event to kick off the summer. What was once a small community is now large and vibrant - and one that came together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to celebrate big band music and an unforgettable group called the Lotus Skyliners.

Praise for

The Lotus Skyliners
"A Big Band Lifts Up a Small Community" 

“Like blooming lotus flowers, the beauty and harmony of the Skyliners’ music filled the hearts of the Seattle Buddhist Temple Sangha and the greater community with joy. Namo Amida Butsu.” 

– REVEREND KATSUYA KUSUNOKI RIMBAN, Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple

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